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The first take-off of powered sailplane AL-12M.


  On October, 8, 2005 in Buzovaiy airfield the first launch of powered sailplane AL-12M with a retrcatable power-unit has been perfomed. The powered sailplaine was lifted up by Aerola's Chief Design Engineer Nikolay Konononenko. The sailplane with power-unit was delivered on airfield on a car roof rack and was rigged up in field conditions. After propeller pitch and engine were adjusted the sailplane has driven out at the runway by itself. The six flights have been accomplished. Good handling and climb ratio has been registered and stop/restart of the engine in air and also centering of the prop were checked. The purpose of the test flights was getting of preliminary perfomances of sailplane with the power-unit based on Solo-210. During tests the power-unit was fixed. The retraction of power-unit in flight will be tested the nearest time.