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The company AEROLA Ltd. has been formed in 1994.

  The company designs and manufactures products made of composite material on the basis of epoxy and polyester resins. Glass fiber, non-woven mat, carbon and aramid fiber is used as the reinforcements of the composite material. The company performs the complete cycle of work including design and making masters and tools, manufacture of prototypes and full-scale production.
  Main products of the company are rigid wing hang gliders, sailplanes and yachts. The manufacturing program also includes a wide range of component parts of ultralight aircraft, yachts and centerboard boats. 
  Owing to the qualified staff, mechanical and assembly department, the company accepts individual orders of any complexity. Depending on the requirements towards the product, different methods are used at its manufacture: wet-lay-up technique, vacuum technique, pressure technique, etc. The parts are shaped in moulds with quality outer surface as well as from inside with further finishing and painting. Choice of the applicable composite production methods depends not only on technical requirements, but also on economic expediency of production. Thus, even at the initial co-ordination stage the customer can make choices and estimate costs on the basis of the preliminary analysis and our recommendations. 
  AEROLA is the supplier of chemical production in particular of epoxy resins, hardeners and reinforcing materials for building, paint and varnish industry and manufacture of products from composite material.