Flooring Systems: Industrial & Anti-static Floors

Product Components Mixing ratio
Usage Description
EPOSTYL® 521-01 A/B 100/30 Universal pigmented epoxy self-levelling flooring system Solvent–free epoxy system. Different colours upon request (based on RAL).
EPOSTYL® 521-180 AS A/B 100/400* Pigmented electro conductive coating for antistatic flooring Water-based epoxy system
EPOSTYL® 521-01 AS A/B 100/30 Pigmented self-levelling flooring system, chemically resistant and antistatic. Suitable for interior. Solvent–free epoxy system
EPOSTYL® 521 FLEX A/B 100/72 Self-levelling and gravelled flooring and coatings for covering of cracks, for garages and interiors Natural rubber epoxy system with excellent ductility above 70% and stratch resistance
  • — Waterborne / Waterbased